Full Service Agency For Live In Elder Home Care Services | FCP Live-In

The Choice to Stay Home

FCP Live-In is The Better Choice for assisted living in the home:

  • Enables clients to stay safely in their homes with a support system of professionals, including Caregivers, Care Coordinators, Field Supervisors, Quality Assurance Coordinators, Transportation Staff,  Schedulers, and other support personnel that insure all cases receive the most effective and well-coordinated care
  • FCP Live-In is a full service agency, not a registry.
  • Caregivers are W-2 employees of FCP Live-in, covered by workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance & all required professional liability.
  • All caregivers certified as either a CNA, HHA, or PCA and have 2 + years experience
  • Background checks on all caregivers
  • One-on-one care
  • Consistency and continuity that comes with a single caregiver
  • Ready pool of caregivers should a replacement be required
  • Caregivers undergo skills assessments
  • Caregivers trained in the Habilitation approach to dementia care using the “Caring for People Alzheimer’s Disease” program created by the Alzheimer’s Association/MANH Chapter


  • A registry places independent contractors that they refer to families.
  • Since caregivers are not employees of the registry, YOU, the client/family, become the employer.  This makes YOU responsible for IRS & State payroll taxes, as well as Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Insurance and Professional Liability.
  • Caregiver transportation is often not provided.
  • There is usually no Quality Assurance or Field Supervision.

FCP Live-In
Assisted Living Facility (ALF)

  • FCP Live-In requires no money down; ALFs require large sums of money upfront and typically have a lengthy financial commitment for moving out.
  • All care needed is provided at a consistent daily rate; ALFs reassess and increase care costs frequently and typically increase rent 3-6% annually.
  • Engagement/socialization activities are geared towards individualized needs/preferences, along with ensuring that we have the best matched caregiver for a client’s care needs and personality; in ALFs, the staff changes shifts 3 times per day and those on staff may not be a good fit for the client.
  • Caregivers can perform all the same functions as ALF staff and we collaborate with other care providers, such as visiting nurse services.
  • We can provide care, in most circumstances, until end of life at home in conjunction with medical providers, unlike ALFs.
  • When living in an ALF, exposure to traumatizing behaviors of other residents that are having difficulties can happen.