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The following quotes are testimonials. Real comments from just a few of our many satisfied clients from all around New England:

“Jane informed me that services are great so far, stating they absolutely love Sadiya (Caregiver) and that Sadiya is so gentle, wonderful and that she holds my Aunt’s (Client – Joanne) hand and is just amazing. Joanne said she cannot say enough good about Sadiya informing me that in the beginning she (Jane) was really anxious about Live In Care and now she (Jane) is now just so relieved and so happy.”

“QA call to Betty – services are great – John (Caregiver) is great / terrific – John is a very nice man – John is well trained – John does everything he is supposed to do and more, stating anyone would be fortunate to have John – John is not their caregiver – John is part of their family and they treat him as such! Everything is Great – no complaints.”

“QA call to Charles – Charles informed me that Angeline (Caregiver) has returned stating Angeline is the best – Angeline is like “the Michael Jordan” of caregivers – Angeline has a great personality – Angeline is helpful – Angeline is a good caregiver and has developed a bond with mom.”

“QA call to Stephen and Betsy – spoke with Stephen who informed me that services are great stating Sashell (Caregiver) is doing a great job informing me that mom (Client – Jeanette) is not the easiest person. However, Sashell still manages to do an incredible job. Stephen informed me that our agency well exceeded his expectations as an organization informing me that in a sense we basically saved his marriage and laughed . Stephen informed me that we (FCP Live-In) provide a great deal of peace of mind knowing that mom is in great hands.”

“Rita informed me that Comfort (Caregiver) on the other hand is wonderful, great to mom, has a good relationship with mom, Comfort is part of the family and mom looks great, stating that we are so fortunate to have Comfort!”

“QA call to Kathryn – Kathryn informed me that all is well stating Una ( Caregiver ) is lovely – a gem – is a wonderful cook and a pleasure to have around.”

“Elena informed me that they have been very happy with our services stating Hadie ( Caregiver ) has been fabulous, magnificent, terrific, compassionate and she (Elena) would recommend us over and over again to anyone in need stating it has been great from beginning to end.”

“Evelyn (Caregiver) is Excellent, Working out Great – is a Beautiful Lady, has a Great Personality, a Big Heart, Good Sense of Humor and a Beautiful Smile – Evelyn has a God Given Gift and Evelyn and Martha (Client) are working like a good team”

“Emma was a God Send – was really good, Wonderful, is a Good Woman, stating we (FCP) better take good care of Emma – they love Emma!”

“Eric is doing a good job stating Eric is such a Sweet, Nice Man and Eric is Very Caring and she (Nancy) feels the Sweetness is what makes this a Perfect Fit stating she thinks overall Eric is doing a Good Job, Eric is Very Calm and not forceful which is a good thing.  Nancy informed me that overall she is happy with the experience that they have had so far informing me that on a scale of 1 – 10 she would rate Eric a 10”

“Placed a QA call to George (New SOC) – George informed me that services are very good stating Maureen (Caregiver) is the Best of the Best – Maureen is Wonderful, Awesome, Maureen does everything informing me that he does not even have to ask Maureen – Maureen is always right there when he needs her. Maureen does everything- Maureen is Great!”

“Carol is happy Olenda (Caregiver) is back informing me that Olenda is the only one that seems to be able to handle Roy (Client) . Carol informed me that Olenda is providing good care and they have a very nice rapport (referring to herself and Olenda)”

“Hericula loves Betty”

“Janet (Caregiver) is doing a really Good/Super job and washes Aunt B up really good stating Aunt B has problems going to the bathroom and Janet does a really good job keeping Aunt B clean”

“Tywanda is a Great Cook and Tywanda is right on time with Peggy’s medication and tending to Peggy’s needs stating he is pleased with this”

“Audrey (Caregiver) is very considerate and just plain nice stating” Audrey takes real good care of me”

“Dorothea informed me that she really liked Erica Dixon as well and hopes that Erica will be able to return when Audrey leaves for break”

“Ann (Caregiver) was our Angel and because of Ann mom was able to stay home until the end – Ann’s kind of care and love was Amazing – Ann did not leave mom’s side – Ann was incredible – even when mom went to the hospital – Ann stayed with mom and slept there on a cot even though she (Ann) did not have to. Any family that gets Ann is Blessed stating you (FCP) need to take care of this woman – compensate her – Ann is a Gem – Ann is Stellar and we will always be grateful for Ann and we can never thank Ann enough – even after the funeral Ann stayed with my sister and would not leave my sister’s side. Ann was a good cook, Ann was Masterful, Loving, Kind and mom would not have been able to stay at home without Ann. Ann never ever complained – was very honoring of our family, was mature and not just some 20 year old. Ann was Incredible – you should give Ann a Raise – Compensate Ann in some way without raising the cost of the family – These Woman are Angels – We will be forever grateful for Ann for the rest of our lives – we valued Ann – Ann does Gods Work . Ann is the kind of person you (FCP) should keep happy – Ann is someone you want to keep around because this is what will make FCP the kind of agency people will recommend to their friends – There is no value taking care of your parent the way FCP can. I cannot thank FCP enough for all of their good work . I am forever grateful especially to Adrian – Adrian did a Great job as well as Princess – these girls were on it and did incredibly well – Ann went above and beyond and was Amazing, Incredible, Fantastic. I cannot thank you enough. Please make sure you take good care of Ann – Make sure Ann always has work and is well taken care of”

“Thomas informed me that Fatimah is providing good care despite having her cold stating Fatimah cooks well enough and cleans and is providing good hands on care”

“Charles informed me that Michael is a nice guy and seems to be providing good care”

“Larry informed me that Eric (Caregiver) is taking very good care of him stating Eric does everything that is expected of him”

“Sofiatou (Caregiver) is doing a Great Job stating everything is fine and he is very happy”

“Received a return call from Charles Kady (POA) informing me that services are good stating Marie (Caregiver) is doing a good job, Marie is thick skinned and knows how to handle Jocelyn (Client -)”

“Dasia is doing her job, Dasia is right on top of mom who is a Fall Risk, Dasia is very attentive to mom, Dasia is Great at what she does, Dasia is Wonderful, Very Professional, does a Fantastic Job and is just Great and Dasia’s main concern is making mom happy”

“Tammy informed me that Victoria is due back on the 17th and she cannot wait informing me that Vicky is always Happy, always has a smile on her face – Vicky is unbelievably happy”

“Larry informed me that Eric (Caregiver) is taking very good care of him stating Eric does everything that is expected of him”

“Tywanda was great”

“Kelly informed me that Aurelia was happy to see Doreen”

“Richard (Caregiver) is taking good care of him. Albert then said ” all of my boys take real good care of me” (referring to the Carergiver’s)”

“Services are great – she is happy to have Tia”

“New person was very nice (referring to Althea – Caregiver)”

“Received vm from Kevin W. giving feedback on Julian (Caregiver) – Kevin stated that mom likes Julian – mom (Client – Helen) is happy and Julian is doing a good job – services are fine”

“Estefania (Caregiver) is doing a good job and is very knowledgeable with Dementia”

“They have alot of fun together (referring to herself and Caregiver Adetomi). Joan informed me that they do puzzles, watch TV, watch the Birds, watch the Deer out back and drink Tea together”

“Loretta (Caregiver) is back and “all is right with the world when Loretta is there ”

“Services are good with Claudette (Caregiver) – Claudette is providing good care stating too good at times”

“Janice informed me that Tatiana would take phone messages ok and handled that and Tatiana provided good hands on care”

“Datlin is taking good care of her – Datlin cooks for her – goes for a walk with her – keeps her company stating she feels comfortable and safe with Datlin”

“Aissata (Caregiver) is doing a good job – keeps the house clean and does the cooking”

“Dad was happy with replacement caregiver Michael”

“Constance (Caregiver) has returned – Constance is very good, funny and has a good sense of humor”

“Ndidi was a better fit for them”

“Elaine  (Caregiver) is nice stating he is sure Elaine will do fine – Elaine seems to have a grasp on the situation and how things should be done”

“Nafieiza (Caregiver – refers to her as Dani) has returned stating Dani is Exceptional and really settled in with Margaret (Client – mom) – they are very happy Dani has returned”

“I spoke with Pamela who informed me that Nicole (Caregiver) was Wonderful – Top Notch, Kind, Very Patient and even though Nicole was a young girl she handled herself very well and mom (Client – Dorothy) really enjoyed Nicole’s company for the short time that mom had her (Nicole)”

“She expressed how pleased she is with Hadie (Caregiver) informing me that Hadie is Great – handles things well, is very compassionate and is at the top of the list for Halo’s and she (Laura) absolutely loves Hadie”

“Services are Terrific – Nicole (Caregiver) is Very, Very Good, Hard Working, Pleasant, Terrific!”

“Charlie liked Michael as well and was happy with Michael”

“Received a return call from Chuck – services are good – Jacob has returned – Charlie (Client) is thrilled to have Jacob back”

“Rita informed me that Comfort has returned – everything is good – Comfort is part of the family – mom (Client – Jennie) was thrilled because Comfort just went in the fridge and made mom Pork Chops, Potato and a vegetable stating Comfort takes very good care of mom and Comfort is a good cook”

“Sheriff (Caregiver) is very Sweet, Gentle, a Good Guy and is Intelligent”

“Joyce informed me that services are much better stating Ijeoma Nwaoga (Caregiver – refers to her as Mary) is sweet, doing a very good job, is attentive and is pleased to be there informing me that the facility raves about Mary”

“Note: Received a return call from Patty – Patty started conversation off by informing me that she really loves Betty (Caregiver) and does not want to lose Betty and she thanks God that Betty is back – Betty never complains”

“Received a return call from Nina – Nina informed me that services are fine now that Michael (Caregiver) has returned stating Michael is Great, Michael is fun to have around – Michael is Competent, Outgoing, Runs Errands and is just Great!”